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At M&M Exterior Services, we offer a variety of siding services. With an abundance of color options and several materials, the hardest part of the whole process might be picking your favorite style! Our hardworking crews are committed to making sure you choose the best siding installation package possible based on your budget.

During your free inspection, we’ll walk you through every siding option that we have available. We may not be a company focused solely on siding, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some of the best siding services available.

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With professional siding installation, you’ll have countless options to enhance your home, repair wood rot or storm damage. We ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the process from start to finish.

At M&M Exterior Services, we take pride in our siding installations and repairs. Your satisfaction is our goal.


Warped Siding

Warped panels are especially common in wood siding and are a sure sign that your home is ready for new material. You can check to see if any of the siding on your structure is soft or malleable, which would be a probable indication of water damage or pest infestation.

Rotted Wood

Wood siding can also experience dry rot which is harder to see with the naked eye. Dry rotting means that only the outer layer of the wood is still intact, so a thorough examination may be necessary.

Mold & Mildew on Interior

You may even be able to see that it’s time for new siding from the inside. Mold, mildew, and peeling paint or wallpaper suggest that water and moisture are getting through the exterior. If the problem is reaching the interior, it’s time to upgrade your siding.

If you are uncertain whether you need new siding, it’s best to call siding professionals that can test the areas. Experts in this field will know exactly what to look for and can give you an honest opinion about the state of your home’s exterior.

Call M&M Exterior Services today if you’re concerned about your siding panels and we’ll send one of our skilled siding specialists to examine the situation entirely.

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